Trilogy By The Oracle

Trilogy By The Oracle

Africa, it’s time to shift our perception support entrepreneurs such as the YALI exhibitors. The success of an entrepreneur is, more than ever, measured by more than the amount of funding raised. It’s about growing a sustainable and healthy business. Time to master the “Trilogy by the Oracle”.

Esteemed panelists will discuss:

Human Capital: Your business is only as valuable as the people driving it. The time, talent and energy of your team is the force that brings your ideas to life. How do you build your dream team? What is company culture? How can you continually develop yourself?

Financial Capital: Financial capital is crucial to your success. Whether it’s the funding needed to get started, or finances to grow (or pay) your team – finances are always top of mind for entrepreneurs. How do you fundraise? Is VC the way to go? How do you scale worldwide?

Social Capital: Your connections, community and values are key to building sustainable businesses and leveling up. How important is it to connect with allies of your vision? Collectively can we realistically bring it to life and create a bigger impact?