Clive Butkow

Chief Executive Officer

Clive Butkow

Chief Executive Officer
Kalon Venture Partners


Clive is the former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Accenture South Africa, and has 28 years of management consulting experience. During his tenure at Accenture (formerly Arthur Anderson and Anderson Consulting), he played numerous leadership roles including managing director of Accenture South Africa’s technology business as well as managing director of Accenture’s Resources and Utilities business. In addition to his COO role, during the last 6 years, he led sales for Accenture’s Technology business, cultivating an entrepreneurial mind-set, which helped grow Accenture into one of the top emerging market companies.

Clive developed deep technology skills from working across multiple industries including Financial Services, Resources, Retail, Automotive and Communications. He has leveraged these technology and business transformation skills and helped drive significant shareholder value for many South African clients. Since January 2013, he has supported and mentored many technology businesses, assisting them in driving growth. Clive sits on the board of numerous IT companies.

Clive joined Arthur Anderson in 1985 (now Accenture) after graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand with a BSc degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Clive joined Grovest, Section 12J venture capital company in 2012, as a non-executive director.

In 2016, Clive formed a new venture capital company, Kalon Venture Partners, focusing on investing in digital disruptive technologies.

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