Professor Adrian Saville

Professor of Economics, Chief Executive

Professor Adrian Saville

Professor of Economics, Chief Executive
GIBS, Cannon Asset Managers


Adrian Saville’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (cum laude), M. Com (cum laude) and PhD (Economics), which he completed at the University of Natal in 1997 and for which he was awarded the Economics Society of South Africa’s Founders Medal. He is a UNESCO laureate and a matriculant of Linacre College (Oxford). He has completed programmes in value investing and competitive strategy at New York’s Columbia University and Harvard Business School in Boston.

In 1994, while completing his doctorate in Economics, Adrian formed an investment vehicle which became the forerunner to Cannon Asset Managers which he founded in 1998. In 2017 Bidvest Financial Services acquired Cannon Asset Managers. Today Adrian serves as Chief Executive at Cannon Asset Managers.

Adrian has experience in managing all the major asset classes and has successfully combined teaching and business, having lectured at the University of the Witwatersrand, the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, the University of Pretoria, London School of Business, Kelley School of Business, Rotterdam School of Management and Estonian Business School. He has held a Professorship of Economics, Finance & Strategy at the Gordon Institute of Business School (GIBS) since 2003, where he teaches in the fields of macroeconomics, investment finance and strategy.

Adrian has received the Excellence in Teaching Award at GIBS on ten occasions since 2007. In 2012 he was nominated for the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Business Professor of the Year Award and in 2014 he received the Central and East European Management Development Association award in teaching excellence.

Adrian’s successful career has encompassed consulting widely to government and the corporate world, including serving as an Economic Consultant to Visa South Africa. He has presented to global audiences in many destinations, including Botswana, Brazil, Chile, Estonia, France, India, Japan, Germany, Ghana, Kenya, Netherlands, Nigeria, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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