Shaun Edmeston

Head - Private Education

Shaun Edmeston

Head - Private Education


As a seasoned commercial executive, with over 19 years’ experience he has worked for some of South Africa’s largest JSE listed companies.

The scope of his experience is not only in function, but also in industry sector, has positioned him in the market to offer an all-round wealth of commercial skills and experience. As an accomplished turn around agent he has an excellent track record of engaging and reinvigorating businesses to ensure he streamlines the divisions he runs to create highly efficient and profitable businesses.

His ability to motivate teams and drive new business initiatives has provided him with opportunities that have greatly enriched his experience as an astute commercial business person. He has excellent marketing, branding skills and possess the skills to reposition the companies he runs in the market by improving their performance. The scope of industry sectors he has worked in has provided him with an ability to work at any level in any in complex environments.

He is also involved in a variety of important extramural activities and have been actively involved with the successful commercial turnaround of St Stithians Club. Some of his career achievements include; being appointed CEO of Biznetwork at age 25, named Chairperson of the FNB Commercial Junior Board and receiving a position on the Commercial Banks EXCO.

Shaun’s skill sets includes:

  • Innovation: Create innovative solutions by linking unrelated existing items to create a new product to solve issues within the organization.
  • Management and leadership: he has strong leadership with managerial orientation. Motivational leadership style, through incentives, personal and team development and encouragement. Identify potential in individuals and enable them to operate at full potential. Create an environment for team members to be individualistic and operate at individual strengths. Manage multi-disciplinary teams in any sector, align team objectives with organization strategy.
  • Strategy implementation: Implement initiatives following the development of optimization strategies.
  • Presentation skills: he is comfortable speaking in front of small or large groups of people. This skill has been built on from school, Toastmasters and university and has developed on from his role as a supervisor, marketing coordinator and product manager.
  • High intelligence combined with big picture thinking: he can conceptualize big picture opportunities and challenges and understand the key levers and drivers of profitability within a business. Proactively action improvement initiatives focused on delivering results for stakeholders.
  • Disruptive analysis and innovator: Drives concepts to create working solutions by ensuring correct processes, aligning resources and financial outcomes. Ability to identify areas of strategic improvement within the framework of a large business and propose and implement measure’s to successfully improve problems.

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How Education Can Unlock Entrepreneurship

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