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07 Oct 2019
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08 Oct 2019
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09 Oct 2019
07:30 - 08:00

Registration & Breakfast

Keynote Address

Nerina Visser

How Education Can Unlock Entrepreneurship

Africa’s 4% economic growth has not been inclusive and its continent’s population set to more than double by 2050, the continents greatest asset will be Africa’s capacity to harness its...
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Professor Adam Habib

VC Firm Composition, Governance & Dynamics

After deciding that you want to lead an investment firm as a young CEO, you’ll need to find wholesale funding. The panel will discuss different approaches to financing – from...
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Are Accelerators, Incubator Models Working In The Region

There are about 450 active business hubs in the continent. The panel will furnish us a greater understanding of Incubators and Accelerators and furthermore share what a successful hub looks...
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Professor Barry Dwolatzky
10:40 - 11:00

Tea/Coffee Break

Alternative Funding Models In The Region

Financial Capital is crucial to entrepreneur success. Whether it’s the funding needed to get started, or finances to grow (or pay) your team – finances are always top of mind...
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Monique Mathys-Graaf

Growing Africa Industries

Start-up development is central to unlocking Africa’s economic potential: Startups directly increases the productivity of human and physical capital. While the economic argument for supporting startups is clear, inefficiencies such...
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Vinny Lingam
Bonang Mohale

Trilogy By The Oracle

Africa, it’s time to shift our perception support entrepreneurs such as the YALI exhibitors. The success of an entrepreneur is, more than ever, measured by more than the amount of...
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Bita Diomande
Barry Swartzberg
13:40 - 15:00


07:30 - 08:00

Registration & Breakfast

Investment Associations Unpacked

The panel will unpack the importance of investment associations in the region and describe how they contribute to the  development and promotion of the private investment market. The panel will...
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Is Africa Ready To Grow From Within

African private equity has witnessed significant swings over the last decade. The Africa Rising narrative attracted interest from large local and foreign LPs, leading to record level of fundraising and...
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Impact Investing

We are joined by leading 15 impact startups selected from across the continent, the startups have all received some leadership and business training from leading universities in the USA and...
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Sizwe Nxasana
10:30 - 10:50

Tea/Coffee Break

Risk Management, Value Creation & Exit

An entrepreneur raising Series B, if your series A term sheet offers your investors the right of first refusal. Does this mean when series B investors conduct the diligence they...
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Transformation & Ethical Leadership

Women are underrepresented at all levels of the global financial system, from depositors and borrowers to Venture capital / Private equity to regulators and bank board members. Research suggests that...
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Nosizwe Dlengezele Motsitsi
12:10 - 13:30


07:30 - 08:30

Registration & Breakfast

How Might PE/VC Firms Develop Local Businesses

Small-sized and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have a major role in contributing towards long-term economic growth and job creation. However, SMEs often face limited access to financing partly because of the...
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Private Investments: Islamic Perspective

Shariah investment is an alternative investment method with two governing fundamental principles; a) the sharing of the profits and losses and b) the collection of interests (‘riba’ in Arabic) by...
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Samira Mensah
11:05 - 11:25

Tea/Coffee Break

Diamonds In The Rough

The entrepreneurial landscape in Africa is full of potential, yet much of this potential remains untapped as a result of unique challenges faced by young African entrepreneurs. Since 2014, the...
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NEW Era In Economic Relations

As one of the African continent’s largest and most sophisticated economies, South Africa offers a myriad of opportunities for engagement on diplomatic, commercial, security and social fronts. It is a...
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High Commissioner Nigel Casey

Closing Reception with Mandela Washington Fellows

Mix and mingle with entrepreneur Alumni of the U.S. Department of State’s  Mandela Washington Fellowship as we close out Africa Investor Week.