A New Era

A New Era

As one of the African continent’s largest and most sophisticated economies, South Africa offers a myriad of opportunities for engagement on diplomatic, commercial, security and social fronts. It is a self-sufficient and dynamic country in a struggling, complex and vibrant region.

The panel will share thoughts on trade agreements with South Africa and the continent at large, amidst global trade war era.

Africa is ready for business and is a ready market for genuine investors, although still building strong financial and banking institutions with consolidated assets and regional network. The Embassy will share their point of view. What does the next generation of FDI interest in South Africa look like?

Investor surveys show that political stability and security along with a stable legal and regulatory environment are the leading country characteristics considered by international institutional investors before they commit capital. These considerations far outweigh such issues as low tax rates and labor costs. Why are Venture Capital and Private equity firms mushrooming in East Africa (Kenya) compared to West Africa (Ghana)?

What interventions are in place to foster economic trade with South Africa and the continent at large? What are some of the challenges faced when doing business? What is the perception of South Africa as a viable investment destination and gateway to the continent, does South Africa still hold that title? How might African Venture Capital and Private Equity firms do business with international nations, does the Embassy actively facilitate this? Does the Embassy have programmes in place to help develop entrepreneurs in Africa, if so what have been the outcomes? Any soft-landing structures for SA firms looking to branch out internationally? What can we do differently to improve relations and economic-trade?